More Nukes? Moore Spin

Patrick Moore, a former environmental activist who left Greenpeace twenty years ago and is now a PR consultant, argues "it is now far more effective to work with governments and industries to encourage positive change." As a consultant, Moore has dismissed concerns about the impact of logging in the Amazon, supported Newmont Mining over controversies at its mines in the U.S., Ghana and Peru, defended the use of PVC in plastics and extolled the merits of genetically engineered crops. Since 2006 he has been a consultant to the Nuclear Energy Institute's front group, the Clean and Safe Energy Coalition. He is also listed as an "adviser" to New York Affordable Reliable Electricity Alliance, which is campaigning for a 20-year license renewal for Entergy's Indian Point nuclear power plant. In February he has also been invited to speak to the Fresno Nuclear Energy Group LLC, which aims to overturn California's moratorium on building nuclear power stations.