Bush Plans Post-Presidential Think Tank

George W. Bush

Supporters of George W. Bush are aiming to raise $500 million to establish a presidential library at the Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas, Texas. While presidential libraries are run by the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration, establishment costs have to be raised privately. Part of Bush's plan is to also establish a think tank, which has the working title of Institute for Democracy, to promote "compassionate conservatism, the spread of freedom and democracy throughout the world and defeating terrorism." According to one Bush supporter, the think tank, which will be modelled on the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, aims to financially support conservative scholars with "money to write papers and books favorable to the President's policies." The proposal that SMU host a think tank promoting Bush's agenda has encountered opposition from staff which, Inside Higher Ed noted, "strikes many professors as antithetical to a university's academic values."


So this Institute for Democracy is meant to promote "compassionate conservatism, the spread of freedom and democracy throughout the world and defeating terrorism" ?

These are Bush's usual sales pitches. And as usual, the aim of the game is to promote passionate fundamentalism, the spread of fear and ultranationalism throughout the world and defeating the moderates.

It is time for the American audience to understand this Administration's blunders were actually strategical successes for the true W :
. George W. Bush didn't act in the interest of his country as a President of the United States.
. George W. Bush didn't even act in the interest of his party as a Republican.
. George W. Bush did act in the interest of fundamentalism as a fundamentalist.

Once again, the war in Iraq was not masterminded by neocons for the benefit of oilcos : the war in Iraq was sold by neocons to SIGs which in turn "sold" it to the Congress, but it was masterminded by a bunch of crazy theocons who planned from the start the collapse of Iraq and a final showdown between Israel and Iran.
"True" neocons did believe in the "democracy" agenda. They realized too late their mistake.
"True" theocons did believe Dubya would help them become mainstream. They realized too late this stubborn again Christian went too far : exposing their crazy theories to a wider audience actually deserved them.
"True" SIGs did believe they would gain from the war in Iraq. As a matter of fact, they made big profits out of it : Bush turned a huge budget surplus into an abyssal deficit and his favorite "Have Mores" got their slice of the cake. But SIGs realized too late the road to Baghdad wasn't meant as a business trip : from the start, Dubya waged a religious crusade.

Remember his first speech after 9/11 ? Using the word "crusade" was neither a mistake nor a lapsus linguae but a crystal clear signal to his base.

Remember who was the first statesman to visit Ground Zero ? A man who knew quite a few things about Islamist terror and the dangers of a counterproductive invasion which would ignite a civil war, tear apart Iraq and boost terror across the world. Jacques Chirac was a dangerous advocate of reason against this fundamentalist folly. France was to be "punished". As a result, the US are being punished.

What I'm worrying is the final days of 43's regime. This mad crusader knows he's not likely to have a fundamentalist successor, so he will seize any opportunity to fulfill his most important task : make the so-called Bible Prophecy happen.

If you missed the previous episodes and have been spared by the massive online ads of doomsday theoricians*, here's the story : Bush believes Jesus Christ's Second Coming will be provoqued by the ultimate war between Israel and Iran. Crazy enough ? There's more : the Shiite sect to which Mahmoud Ahmadinejad belongs believes the Mahdi is coming this spring... which means Dubya's favorite philosopher will face another heavyweight messianic figure somewhere between the begining of the MLB season and the NBA finals. This definitely beats Rocky Balboa's return, Jason vs Freddy and even Alien vs Predator !
Both sides consider it The Clash between Good and Evil... without noticing they're talking about the same God. So make that "Good vs Good", or better : "dimwit vs dimwit".

It would be laughable if human lives and nuclear powers weren't involved.

If God does exist, I guess the time has actually come to pay us a visit and wipe all this crap out of the surface of the Earth.

And if democracy does exist in Amerika, please impeach both Bush and Cheney before they start bombing Iran.

Stephane MOT
Beware : Weapons of Mass Disinformation

* The Restored Church Of God even posted an ad for their 2007 doomsday prophecies on my blog ! Praise Google Adsense allmighty for His relevance...