New Participatory Project: Getting the Colbert Report into Congresspedia

A few weeks ago we asked you, dear readers and citizen editors, to pitch in and help with our first "wikiproject" - a short, participatory effort to update and expand a part of the SourceWatch/Congresspedia wiki. Lots of people chipped in and we accomplished our goal: getting contact information for all the freshman members of Congress, including the addresses and phone numbers for each of their district offices. You can view the glorious results by visiting the individual profiles of the freshman members of Congress.

Now we've got a new project. Last summer we started a page that linked to the videos of the members of Congress that have submitted themselves to a grilling on the Colbert Report's "Better know a district" series. While nothing said in the comedic interviews should be taken too seriously, the segments often help humanize the public servants that run our government.

However, now the page has gotten seriously out of date and we need you to help out with updating it. We've created a new wikiproject project page that contains complete instructions on how to update the page - each interview takes just a few minutes to add!