Exxon: Still Fronting After All These Years

Esso Tiger in Your Tank
An old advertisement for Exxon (then Esso)

In an apparent policy shift, earlier this year Exxon Mobil called climate change "a serious issue," saying that "action is warranted." The oil company also said it would stop funding groups that downplay the risks from global warming or lobby against measures to limit greenhouse gas emissions. But Exxon still funds about 40 "skeptic groups," including the American Enterprise Institute, Cato Institute, Heritage Foundation and National Black Chamber of Commerce, according to a new report from the environmental group Greenpeace. Exxon did "cut its donations to these groups by more than 40 percent from 2005." Rep. Brad Miller urged Exxon to release data on its 2006 donations, saying the money "appears to be an effort to distort public discussion about global warming." Exxon gave $3.9 million to "global warming deniers" in 2004, $3.6 million in 2005, and over $2 million in 2006. Exxon challenged Greenpeace's characterization of the groups as "deniers," and said the groups "do not represent Exxon or speak on its behalf."


I believe 1 of 2 things are happening in America. 1) the nazi right will succeed in fooling enough people, hereafter referred to as sheep, that the patriots of this country will rise up in revolution. This revolution should focus on the eliteist right wing that sits on the sidelines directing the sheep to bolster profits, seek them out and their treasonous mouthpieces at FOX. To knowingly misslead the sheep is yet another form of treason. The sheep have the right to sit on their lazy asses and accept people like Sean Hannity as defenders of America, however when confronted with the facts why do they start screaming about Clinton? Clinton is not the president, sheep elected a deserter and gave him his war. How about the right wing coverage of Al Gore's son? Marijuana and a presciption is news for them, not the Bush twins doing the global bar hop. Not the Bush twins being asked to leave Brazil. Not the Neil Bush pardon for the S&L scandal by daddy Bush. Patriots demand answers not propoganda. As long as the right wing puppeteers are allowed to hide in the shadows our very lives are in jeopardy. Maybe after the first million americans die from the impending natural disasters, the sheep will be forced to open their eyes. The right wing fears investigation with the ferver of piranha that smell blood. Real patriots demand the investigation of the white house for treason. Valerie Wilson tracked loose nukes. How is revealing her identity not treason? How are we safer with her unable to do the job she dedicated her life to? I'm sorry but I along with most americans have the utmost contempt for what this administration and it's media machine represent. If anyone out there has a legitimate arguement based on fact that supports these sheep please speak up. Opinions based on facts leave the republican party out in the cold. Bush and Cheney are a disgrace to our once great nation. This is slander you say? Then they can sue me and defend themselves in a court of law for the first time in their lives. 2) The devastation brought on by the right wing policy will galvanize the people to stand against the corrupt government that brought on the devastation. Either way the future does not look bright for America. With the democrats afraid of pushing to hard and loosing their jobs, we must push for reform. If you are not held accountable for your actions, then you fear no reprisal. Write to every congressman and senator and DEMAND they follow the will of the people not the will the lobbyists.