The Formula for Deceiving Mothers Online

Peggy O'Mara, the editor of Mothering Magazine, reports that "in addition to the inaccurate information on breastfeeding" by the media, the "marketing practices of the formula companies continue to undermine breastfeeding." She notes the existence of several "stealth" websites "that appear to be grassroots advocacy sites, but are actually mouthpieces for the formula industry." One of the websites,, is campaigning against proposed restrictions on the free bags of infant formula being given to new parents by hospitals. The website, which was registered by the web-based marketing company ENilsson LLC, is funded by the International Formula Council and run by Kate Kahn. "A sister site,, is licensed to Kellen Communications, a public relations firm whose clients include the International Formula Council," O'Mara writes. BantheBags, which supports a ban on free samples, argues that the "sites use classic formula company strategies, paying lip service to benefits of breastfeeding even as they promote formula."