Spinners Queue Up to Help China

Free Tibet protest in LondonThe Free Tibet Campaign in the UK has warned that "any PR agency that is trying to assist China in its twisted distortion of the truth would be potentially exposing itself to protests outside its offices." Despite this, PR Week reports that Ogilvy, Burson-Marsteller and Ketchum have "all refused to rule out working for the under-fire regime." Ketchum deputy CEO, Avril Lee stated that "we'd need to consider the brief carefully and speak to our team before making a decision." Last week, the Financial Times reported that the Chinese government was seeking to recruit a public relations firm to advise the government "on strategies to repair its image before the Beijing Olympics."



PEOPLE PROTEST by trying to put out the olympic floga-flame a symbol of light , wisdom and respect.During the 2004 Cultural Olympics in Athens ENLIGHTENED THOUGHTS,WISE DECISIONS.
was the theme of my exhibition ,translated into 7 languages including chinese. Some insight into the future?
It seems that now we are making thoughts ,on the other side of light ,darknessssssssssss.
There is a greek saying,Because you canot hit the donkey ,you hit the the packsaddle.
as an artist and as a citizen of earth i have my work posted and i would apreciate your comment.