Edelman's "Carbon Messaging": COP15 Means Business

Mark Grundy, who works for the PR firm Edelman, sees business opportunities in climate change. He writes about the December 2009 COP15 meeting in Denmark, where world governments will try to negotiate a binding new agreement to follow the Kyoto Protocol, which ends in 2012. Grundy describes the COP15 meeting as "the biggest global opportunity for carbon messaging of the next four years... COP15 is a major opportunity for all my U.S. clients to go well beyond their European counterparts in the 'green image wars.'" After waxing lyrical about the "$100 billion commodity carbon market," Grundy concludes that if corporate executives still aren't persuaded that they should attend, they should ponder one point: "Where do you think every respected, environmental reporter on the planet will be between 30 November and 11 December next year?" As CMD previously reported, Edelman's London office is assisting E.ON UK in its efforts to persuade the UK government to approve the coal-fired Kingsnorth Power Station. The power station would emit several hundred million tonnes of carbon dioxide in its working life.