Fitz-Pegado Among the New Lobbyists for a "Democratic Iran"

The Livingston Group, a lobbying and PR firm, "received a healthy $300K during the third period," or third quarter of 2008, from the Council for a Democratic Iran. The website of the Virginia-based group states, "We believe there is an alternative between military confrontation with the current regime and accommodation." According to, the group previously retained the firm Cyber Security Research Consultants. Its Livingston Group lobbyists include former Congressman Robert Livingston and Lauri Fitz-Pegado. Fitz-Pegado previously worked at Hill & Knowlton, where she helped promote the first Gulf War for the government of Kuwait, using the front group "Citizens for a Free Kuwait." In a September 25, 2008 blog post, the Council for a Democratic Iran describes itself as "a newly founded non profit organization."