Who's Behind the Council for a Democratic Iran?

CMD's Diane Farsetta digs further into the Virginia-based Council for a Democratic Iran (CDI) and its major new contract with the Livingston Group lobbying and PR firm, which Lauri Fitz-Pegado is working on. CDI's founder, Dr. Behrooz Behbudi, "seems to be aligned with military hawks." In 2007, he "bought $250,000 worth of ads in major North American newspapers denouncing Iran's Muslims leaders and 'terrorists' and 'fascists' and warning they are a direct threat to the U.S. and Canada." Also last year, Behbudi said he opposed a military invasion of Iran, but warned that if President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and other Iranian leaders don't change their stance, "What happened to Saddam Hussein ... will happen in Iran, too." In 2004, Behbudi founded the "Iranian Democratization Foundation" with disgraced defense contractor Mitchell Wade, one of the people who paid bribes to former Representative Randy "Duke" Cunningham.


As someone with friends in Iran I understand the nightmare the Iranian people are living.

The Council for a Democratic Iran is very active in allowing people in Iran to hear support form those outside the Middle East and also trying to get support so the peole of Iran can try and have the freedom that Americas enjoy.

No one "wants" war. However, if Iran builds atomic weapons and gives them to terrorists who can we blame but those that allowed Iran to obtain them and use then. But then it will be too late as Millions of peole will be dead as will the world as we know it.

Iran now sends arms and funding to terror groups all over the world. They supply the most modern and effective weapons they can buy and transport. When the Atomic bomb is what they offer and use the ENTIRE WORLD IS DOOMED.

This is what the current radical islam leaders of Iran want. The END of THE WORLD for the Glory of Islam.

My choice would be to support the Council for a Democratic Iran and others who want to bring about political change that can unseat those that feel That WOMEN SHOULD BE STONED TO DEATH and Atomic weapons are the answer to killing million of inocent people.

Dear you need to refine your mind. Islam is a complete relegion which teaches respect to human and peace or prosperity.
You have miss understood about What is Islam the realities?
As you comments on terrorism then it is clear now in this modern era that who is the master of terror....as every one knows who had dropped atomic bombs on Innocent people of Japan...Every one knows who is doing terrorist acts today in the world i.e. in Iraq, Afghan, Kashmir, Palestine and doing aggressions on other innocent people, women and children in different parts of the world.
I think every one knows that Iran is not going to make Atomic Bomb. But terrorists of the world fear that if Iran emerges as power in Education and Technology and then their terrorist acts would be weaken and they would have no chance to make any aggressions on innocent people.......
If you need more info I can help you ..... But must be realistic b/c world base on realistic ideas not on fake and irrelevent ideas.....Thanks