No Science for You!

CNN has announced that it will cut its entire science, technology, and environment news staff, a move that Christy George of the Society of Environmental Journalists called "disheartening." Other networks have also been slashing science and environmental jobs, including NBC Universal's The Weather Channel; the Gannett media chain, which slashed roughly 1,800 jobs this week at newspapers around the country; and Aviation Week and Space Technology magazine, which recently eliminated its bureau in Cape Canaveral, Florida, where NASA launches its rockets and shuttles. "The energy and environment beat, in particular, will likely continue to gain importance and relevance as the 21st century unfolds," writes Curtis Brainard. "Yet one can't help but feel dismayed by CNN's decision or that this industry, at least for the time being, is sadly deteriorating."


Perhaps the absence of any substantive progress on environmental issues in the past eight years, thus an absence of government-approved good news, is partly to blame? It's not like they're emboldened to cover what's actually happening, after all.