Journalism "Saved My Life"

Aaron Glantz, the author of books about Iraq including The War Comes Home: Washington's Battle against America's Veterans, has written a powerful and emotional account of his encounter with a veteran who told him that his reporting "saved my life." Glantz has written about James Eggemeyer, an Iraq war veteran whose war injuries left him disabled and homeless while the Veterans Administration dithered on his disability benefits. Eggemeyer says the report prompted Florida Senator Ben Nelson to intervene with the VA on his behalf. "He is now stable, living in a small home he can afford with his modest disability check," Glantz writes. But he adds, "Why does it take a news story and a US Senator to get a wounded veteran the support he needs to step back from homelessness and suicide? I also know that while one life has been saved, there are so many more."


have been ill treated for the past 8 years. Given bad direction, little support in the field and came home less support from our VA facilities which were thinly staffed or completely devoid of them, only unskilled bozos appointed by buddies in the Pentagon.