CoalSwarm a Nerve Center for the Green Energy Movement

The San Francisco Chronicle's website profiled "Ted Nace, director of the CoalSwarm website and an important part of the anti-coal movement that has been in the news in recent weeks." CoalSwarm is a "nerve center," a partnership with the Center for Media and Democracy within the SourceWatch wiki. Nace explains, "Anybody can post information. We've got 1500 articles on the [CoalSwarm] site, and it's been accessed hundreds of thousands of times. We have a separate article on each proposed coal plant and each existing plant, and whenever anything happens having to do with that plant, we post the news. Everything has to have a footnote to a published source, so people don't have to take our word for it. A movement needs information to run, and we're trying to put information at people's fingertips." SolveClimate blog also lauds CoalSwarm as "the one-stop-shop wiki for all the dirt you need on coal. ... As one supporter explained: 'It's putting information once the province of lobbyists into local activists' hands.'" CMD's SourceWatch wiki also hosts a major portal on Climate Change and the upcoming COP15 climate treaty conference.