BP: We Won't Blow You Up, Just Ruin the Planet

First, it was British Petroleum. Then, after a multi-million dollar rebranding as "green," the oil giant renamed itself Beyond Petroleum, or simply BP. Now, BP says its "number one priority" is responsibility. BP spokesperson David Nicholas described the change as "an evolution and expansion of green as a brand value rather than a replacement. ... 'Responsible' encompasses BP's original aspirations towards the environment, in addition to ... safety and social welfare." But environmental groups think BP is further distancing itself from renewable energy. Greenpeace climate change adviser Charlie Kronick called the change "classic smoke and mirrors," saying BP is giving itself "carte blanche to sell off its unprofitable green energy arm." BP never spent more than "1.5% of its budget on solar power," recently cut renewable projects and is invested in Alberta's tar sands, an especially dirty source of oil. One thing is certain -- BP's new emphasis on responsibility is meant to help "regain the trust it lost following the 2005 Texas City explosion, which killed 15 people and injured more than 170 others," reports BBC. BP consultant Tom Woollard said BP's "new brand value" is "a promise to potential partners that another Texas City is not on the cards."