A "Watchdog" that Likes Corporate Treats

"For America's No. 1 taxpayer watchdog, as Citizens Against Government Waste calls itself, the jet engines seem easy prey. The federal government is already spending billions for Pratt & Whitney to develop engines for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. Why spend billions more for General Electric to do the same? 'The alternate engine not only qualifies as procedural pork, it is also a waste of money on the merits,' Tom Schatz, president of Citizens Against Government Waste, said in July in announcing an advertising campaign. But when a video was posted on YouTube, it showed that it was paid for by GE's competitor in the long-running, $100 billion war over the F-35 engine: Pratt & Whitney. The slip -- Pratt & Whitney and CAGW say it was a mistake -- is a reminder of the cozy relationship between the legions of supposedly independent watchdog and public interest groups in Washington and corporate interests."


Jet engines? perhaps it would be good to focus on the fact that fighting wars to steal petrochemical reserves from other nations, and then burning up the petrochemicals & further polluting the planetary atmosphere is only "good business" when viewed from the pathologically insane viewpoint of major corporations.