Hill & Knowlton's Carbon Two-Step

In a media release, the PR firm Hill & Knowlton (H&K) boasts that the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has awarded the company a short-term consultancy for "an information campaign to encourage climate conscious behavior by delegates and others to help reduce GHG [greenhouse gas] emissions" related to the COP15 meeting in Copenhagen in December. H&K's global Chairman & CEO, Paul Taaffe, states that "climate change is the world’s #1 issue and a huge and complex challenge for us all." The release also points out that the PR firm is "a pro bono advisor to the Iwokrama rainforest trust in Guyana." What it doesn't state is that the firm also works for some of the world's largest carbon emitters such as Huaneng Power International, a subsidiary of the Chinese government-owned China Huaneng Group. A recent Greenpeace China report (pdf) listed the Huaneng group as the largest coal burning power company in China and the largest greenhouse gas emitter.