"Toning Shoes" or Phony Shoes?

Reebok Shape-upsThose roly-poly sneakers you are seeing everywhere -- with rounded soles like a rocking chair -- are marketed by manufacturers like Skechers, Reebok, Avia and New Balance with claims that they promote healthy weight loss, improve posture, fight cellulite, reduce knee joint stress and improve the shape of wearers' thighs and buttocks. The customer base for the shoes is 90 percent women, and they sell for $100 to $250, They also represent the fastest-growing segment of the athletic footwear industry. Skechers even hired Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana to tout the shoes in an effort to entice more men to buy them. But doctors are starting to warn that the shoes destabilize how people walk, and wearing them can strain people's Achilles tendons. The shoes can also be a special threat to older people who have more difficulty keeping their balance. Their built-in instability makes a wearer work harder to maintain balance, giving more of a workout, according to companies that make them, and while there are some elements of truth to the ads, doctors question their safety and want more independent studies of the shoes instead of industry-financed research. Meanwhile, David Davidson, national president of the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine, says "Nothing about these shoes has any redeeming value to me," and he says he's suspicious of any shoes that come with an instructional booklet and DVD.


My wife actually bought a pair of these before I had ever heard of them before, and I was like, "What are those?!"

She explained the benefits, but I was doubtful, and I'm sad to say I laughed a little because they just look kind of funny too.

Well, it's been over 6 months. She walks every day at work for 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the late afternoon, and we walk our dogs after work, and she and I both haven't seen any results whatsoever. Definitely Phony.

I like these shoes a lot. Toning footwear has unique design and looks smart. So they can be worn during nearly any occasion. Toning shoes let you add a workout at the office, around the house, at the beach and just about anywhere else as well.

I've seen ads for the new Reebok shoes with a 'balance ball' technology (can not remember the name they gave the shoes) and also a similar ad for the "form of Sketcher's up". I definitely want a pair! They promise to help tone your calves, thighs and buttocks.
I wonder, who is a better pair of shoes? Where is the best place to get a great deal to them? so much for any replies Thanks!

But what exactly is this technology all about? The name Shox is used to refer to small rubber columns that are hollow inside. These small columns are what make up the midsole of the Nike Shox shoes instead of a full padded midsole. Unique but extremely effective, the technology bases its benefits on the resilient and rebounding energy of the rubber columns.

Upon the introduction of the shoes that feature this technology, it created much hype among athletes and athletic shoe enthusiasts all across the athletic field. Fortunately, however, the shoes delivered its promise and lived up to what was expected of them.

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I actually like my shoes,no instructions came with mine though. I wonder if the person commenting has ever worn a pair? My legs and butt are looking great.

This is beyond genious. Hats off to those who came up with this idea and bust be making a bundle of $$$. Design a shoe that makes you slim! It even sounds plausable doesn't it? Try going for a walk in a normal pair of runners and you'll get the same calorie loss. It's a weight loss pill in the form of a shoe!

I agree with a lot of people on here. There are so many gimmicks that are being sold to us to help firm up, shape up, lose weight, etc. Just change your lifestyle a little. Go running, walking, or do yoga. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and cut down on you refined foods. Just be consistent and you will get results.

My girl has bought herself a pair. She has an operated hernia and is in a lot of pain at times. Since she owns a clothing store, she is mostly standing behind the counter or walking around in the shop, hanging things right. The problem was, that with standing all day, at the and her back started to sore, to really hurt. And doing that day by day, it is not a nice option.

By using these shoes (the professional ones, not the Reebok-versions, btw) she claims it is less. Now she can stand all day, because she has to 'wiggle' a little, which keeps her back in movement. And movement of the back is the main solution to the pain, for her.

So, for her these shoes work.
Not as a work-out, but as a medical treatment.

All the things around us is deceloping so fast even the clothes and shoes. I do think some of them are to much for us ,and the usage for certain design or creation are not nessecery. we need to think before we take an action. do we really need them or we just want to turn into a phony world?

i must say that the shoe is not good looking at all, won't be in my shop list that's for sure lol