"Toning Shoes" or Phony Shoes?

Reebok Shape-upsThose roly-poly sneakers you are seeing everywhere -- with rounded soles like a rocking chair -- are marketed by manufacturers like Skechers, Reebok, Avia and New Balance with claims that they promote healthy weight loss, improve posture, fight cellulite, reduce knee joint stress and improve the shape of wearers' thighs and buttocks. The customer base for the shoes is 90 percent women, and they sell for $100 to $250, They also represent the fastest-growing segment of the athletic footwear industry. Skechers even hired Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana to tout the shoes in an effort to entice more men to buy them. But doctors are starting to warn that the shoes destabilize how people walk, and wearing them can strain people's Achilles tendons. The shoes can also be a special threat to older people who have more difficulty keeping their balance. Their built-in instability makes a wearer work harder to maintain balance, giving more of a workout, according to companies that make them, and while there are some elements of truth to the ads, doctors question their safety and want more independent studies of the shoes instead of industry-financed research. Meanwhile, David Davidson, national president of the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine, says "Nothing about these shoes has any redeeming value to me," and he says he's suspicious of any shoes that come with an instructional booklet and DVD.


These shoes hurt my feet I am in construction and wear work boots . They don't hurt my feet too much but when I get home I put on sneakers. I tried these for a while walking to the store at night. They fit good and they make my arches hurt? I will wear them because I paid for them but not liking them.

afraid they would mess up my control of the Segway

If you buy this story, I got a bridge in Brooklyn you may be interested in buying.

I got a pair of the Sketchers last October and I love them. I wear them when I go for a walk or use the treadmill. It has helped me with my balance. Since getting these shoes I have lost just over 10 lbs. This is without changing anything else that I normally do. So I think the shoes have helped me overall.
They did take a little getting used to

They certaintly sound like phoney shoes, especially when it comes with a DVD and instruction manual!!! However, they may be very comfortable to to wear and may appeal to someone out there.

I have a feeling my comment will fall on deaf ears, since it sounds like most of the naysayers here are determined to not hear the good points about this shoe. But my experience just might help someone, so I'll offer it.

These shoes were recommended to me by a nurse who is on her feet all day. She said the shoes seemed to take pressure off her knee and hip joints. Since that's the kind of shoe I need, I checked these out. At first, the shoes are a little hard to get used to, because of the balancing situation, but they do help take the pressure of my aching knee joints. The ones I bought (not Skechers, but MT) did not claim to help you lose weight or tone up. Yes, they are ugly. Yes, they are expensive. But they allow me to stand and walk without aching soreness (my feet are never sore when I wear them, either) for much longer periods than with other shoes. So they are worth every penny to me.

Everyone here should think twice before saying "you should just join a gym" or "you should just go for a jog." Not everyone can do these things. So the price of the shoes is a more practical and accessible solution.

There are non-Skechers versions of this shoe, which do not claim to aid weight loss, muscle tone, or decrease cellulite, and for people with joint pain, the shoes are very helpful. The rocking motion helps you take the pressure off the joints. At least that's been my experience. Hairdressers and janitorial staff who are on their feet a lot swear by them, too. I know because that's how I found out about the shoes, from a cleaning woman at my office and from my sister's hairdresser. Yes, the shoes are ugly and expensive. But it's worth it because of the relief I get from my aching knee and hip joints. So there.

i had a broken leg in 2009 . nothing gave me relief and my calf where the muscle was ripped was in terrible shape. wore the rocker shoes for about 1 year and the calf was strengthened and fells and looks a lot better...now 4 years later i am still wearing these rocker shoes, albeit a lower version and they really do keep my calves toned. it is hard to find them now and when i do they are on clearance for $20

Well, honestly my sister planned to buy this shoes this coming august since she's amazed with the benefits that she can get with it. When she introduced this to me, I told her I don't believe and I just suggest her to continue her daily exercise at gym and don't mind this. IMO, as long as you have a comfortable shoes while having exercise is very fine too me. It just need proper healthy diet and exercise. And for sure you will be healthy and you'll get out of stress. ;) I will bookmark this information and share it her. Thanks!