Brewer's Mindless Tale of Headlessness

Immigration has been a hot subject since Arizona passed its new law requiring police to demand papers from anyone suspected of being in the country illegally. To justify the law, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer told the public that immigration is fueling crime in Arizona. She said Phoenix is becoming the world's number-two kidnapping capital, that decapitated bodies are being found in the desert, that illegal immigrants are responsible for most police killings, and the majority of people crossing the border into the U.S. are drug mules. Brewer has also said 87 percent of people crossing the border illegally have prior criminal records. The problem (aside from the fact that her frightening discourse further discourages tourism) is that Brewer's statements have no basis in fact. Federal immigration authorities are unable to confirm her 87 percent statistic about people with prior criminal records, and her administration couldn't provide any reference for the number. The Arizona Guardian checked out Brewer's claim about decapitated bodies found in the desert and found no evidence of beheadings. Exhaustive research by the Arizona Republic of police and FBI crime statistics show that violence in Arizona is flat or even slightly lower than it has been in the last one, or even two decades.


YESS! i wish this information would be made more public. i consistently argue with my friends over this. They, as well as many people here in Arizona, seem to be brainwashed by Brewer and the claims her government publish frequently

Why is everyone boohooing over Arizona duplicating the Federal law?

Who cares if the statistics are wrong?

NO ONE should be entering our country illegally.

We need to enforce our borders and kick out everyone who is here illegally.

Why should anyone be allowed in our great country without signing the guest book and paying taxes?

If it is bad where they come from let them fix it like our ancestors did here.

"Who cares if the statistics are wrong."
Well, I care. I care because policy should be based on truthful discourse. The problem with incorrect statistics is not whether immigration laws should be enforced. The problem is that a politician has lied to try to trick people into supporting her position. If your argument is sound, people who agree with it will support it. But to not care when someone in power creates horror stories to justify her position is to give license to every politician to always lie all the time . . . so long as it advances a position YOU agree with.

Wowee, from this side of the big pond that separates the USA and AUS it would seem that you either have one wacko Governor or is it just a very fertile imagination in her own mind.?

And as we often say downunder: 'only in America'.