Flotilla Ship "Painted" to Cover Bullet Holes

In the aftermath of the crimes perpetrated against those riding on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla by the Israeli government, it has been well-documented that the Israeli hasbara machine somehow transformed the victims into victimizers. A bit over two months later, the spin continues unabated. Ma'an News Agency reported on August 8 that "The Turkish organizers of a Gaza-bound aid boat said Saturday that Israeli authorities painted over 'thousands of bullets' in one of their recently returned ship ... Reporters, according to the BBC, said the ship did appear to have been freshly painted." The Israel Defense Forces can paint over their crimes and ruthless behavior all they want, but their crimes have seen daylight and have reverberated around the world. Indeed, another flotilla, named appropriately "The Audacity of Hope", after Barack Obama's famous book, will set sea soon. The Flotilla disaster has opened up the debate in the United States and around the world, and one can only hope that The Audacity of Hope tears down the walls of the illegal and inhumane blockade of the Gaza Strip.