Team CMD

Arn Pearson

Arn Pearson is the Executive Director of the Center for Media and Democracy. He previously served as the Vice President for Policy and Litigation at Common Cause.

David Armiak

David Armiak is research director with the Center for Media and Democracy.

Don Wiener

Don Wiener is a writer at the Center for Media and Democracy.

Mary Bottari

Mary Bottari is a reporter for the Center for Media and Democracy (CMD).

Patricia Barden

Patricia Barden is CMD's IT Director. She graduated summa cum laude from University of Richmond's School of Continuing Studies in 2002.


The author listed as "PRwatch Editors" is for reports attributable to CMD's editors or guest authors.

Sari Williams

Sari Williams is CMD's Graphic Designer and Outreach Manager. She has bachelor's degrees in English, Graphic Design, and Elementary Education.