Despite New Law, RNC's Latest "Census" Mailer Still Misleads

GOP ElephantJust as the official U.S. Census was starting up in March, the Republican National Committee (RNC) sent out deceptive fundraising mailers bearing the words "Census Document." Congress quickly passed a law banning such misleading mailers, but the RNC is persisting in the practice.


Bondage-gate and Donor Money

James O'Keefe on Fox NewsFor a political party that presents itself as the party of morality and family-values, should spending $1,946 at a topless, West Hollywood bondage club be interpreted as family bonding? While both parties occasionally fail to spend political donations most efficiently, the Republican National Committee (RNC) faces questions as major newspapers reported last week on the RNC's expenditure at Voyeur, a topless bondage club in West Hollywood.The expenditure was listed on RNC's monthly financial disclosure report to the Federal Elections Commission (FEC). The entire situation is filled with irony as the Republican Party purports to be the party of morals. How moral is it to spend political donors' money at a club with topless dancers? 

Media Feeds Americans Fake News About Afghanistan

Paktiya province, AfghanistanGlen Greenwald of reports that Americans are being fed false and misleading "news" about the U.S. war in Afghanistan because major American media outlets, like the New York Times and CNN, publish propagandized Pentagon accounts of the violence and killing occurring there, without questioning the information they are fed.

An egregious example of this occurred on February 12, 2010, when NATO's joint international force issued a press release that bore the headline Joint Force Operating In Gardez Makes Gruesome Discovery. The release said that after "intelligence confirmed militant activity" in a compound near a village in Paktiya province, an international security force entered the compound and engaged "several insurgents" in a fire fight. Two "insurgents" were killed, the report said, and after the joint forces entered the compound, they "found the bodies of three women who had been tied up, gagged and killed."

But an Afghan news report about the same incident differed wildly.


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