Insurers Trick Facebook Users Into Opposing Health Care Reform

A coalition of insurance industry groups called "Get Health Reform Right," led by Blue Cross Blue Shield and including America's Health Insurance Plans, the American Benefits Council and others, has been caught tricking Face


Congress Subverts Transparency in Digital Version of Expense Report

In a supposed bid to increase transparency in government, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi asked Congress to post its quarterly expense reports (pdf) online, where the public can view them. But transparency took a hit in the digital age.


Medicare Part D Planners Now Fighting Health Insurance Reform

At least 25 former federal officials and legislative aides who helped draft the 2003 Medicare Part D drug benefit are now working as lobbyists for pharmaceutical interests trying and protect the lucrative drug payment system in negotiations for health care reform.


Marketing to Fear: Cocoa Krispies Boost Your Kids' Immunity?

Kellogg's Cocoa KrispiesIn the middle of the H1N1 influenza epidemic, Kellogg is marketing Cocoa Krispies, Froot Loops and other sugary cereals with claims on the box that the cereal "now helps support your child's immunity." The word "immunity" is printed on the box in a huge font, almost as big as the name of the cereal.


Stanford Historian Robert Proctor vs. R.J. Reynolds: A Lot on the Line

Dr. Robert Proctor, Stanford Professor of History of ScienceHistory is unkind to tobacco companies, and never more so than since a federal court in 2006 found the industry guilty of perpetrating 50 years of fraud and deceit upon the American people. It's a sordid history to live down, and maybe that's why R.J. Reynolds is harassing one of the few historians who has been willing to step up and testify in court about the real history of the tobacco industry's behavior: Professor Robert N. Proctor of Stanford University.


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