Food Safety

PR Expert Blasts Beef Industry Over Mad Cow

Paul Holmes, long time journalist covering the PR industry for his own trade press publications, blasts the arrogance and stupidity of the US beef industry and its protectors in the government, over the emergence of mad cow disease in the US. Holmes writest that "more than a decade has passed since an epidemic of bovine spongiform
encephalopathy, better known as mad cow disease, ravaged British beef
and dairy herds, so it's fair to say American cattlemen have had
every opportunity to study that outbreak and learn from it. Yet to


McDonald's Promotes Its "Healthy" Food

"Trying to capture the high ground in the nation's ongoing debate over obesity and nutrition, McDonald's has teamed up with Oprah Winfrey's personal trainer to demonstrate its commitment to healthy foods and physical fitness," PR Week reports. McDonald's new "Go Active" meal includes a salad, water or soda, a pedometer and an information booklet by Winfrey's trainer Bob Greene. According to PR Week, the affiliation with Greene and the new meal are part of an "effort to exert leadership in another area of social responsibility.


Food Industry's PR Offense Against Obesity

"Kraft Foods' recently announced initiatives on obesity have marked a new phase in how food companies will address Americans' concerns about food and nutrition," PR Week writes. Until now, the food industry has tried to deflect the blame for America's growing waistlines by promoting physical activity. Now Kraft and others are talking about changing products and marketing.


Don't Worry, It's Safe to Eat

Investigative journalist and PR Watch contributor Andrew Rowell's new book, Don't Worry -- It's Safe to Eat, exposes the hidden links between scientists, corporations and the government that have warped policy on three potent issues: genetic engineering (GE), BSE and Foot and Mouth disease. Rowell documents how politicians and corporate spin doctors have twisted the public health debate, allowing for inadequate and flawed regulation of the food industry.


PR Budgets Bulge Against Obesity

"Kraft Foods grabbed the PR high ground in the public debate about obesity and America's unhealthy eating habits by announcing a series of planned changes in how it will make and market its products," PR Week reports. "The changes include increased communications with various groups interested in the obesity issue, as well as proactive efforts to encourage improved child fitness and nutrition." But the Guardian's Mark Borkowski calls Kraft's move "PR at its shabbiest and most shameful.


"Consumer Freedom's" Corporate Funding Exposed

Through a whistleblower, the Center for Media & Democracy has obtained a list of financial contributors to the "Center for Consumer Freedom," a front group for the tobacco, restaurant and liquor industries that represents itself as an advocate for consumers' rights. Highlights of the list, which we have added to the group's profile on our Disinfopedia, include $200,000 apiece from Coca-Cola, Excel/Cargill, Monsanto, Tyson Foods and Wendy's International; $164,000 from Outback Steakhouse, and $100,000 from Pilgrim's Pride Corporation.



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