What Advertisers Want

In its "first large-scale change since 2001," Fox News is launching a major redesign of its website. Fox News vice-president of national ad sales Roger Domal said, "In addition to just freshening up the site and making it easier to navigate ... it's a reaction to what advertisers want." Fox News hopes the site "will enable it to become a significant competitor in the online news space. This month, the site doubled its advertising sales staff in New York and San Francisco ...


An Unfair Trade: Jobs for Ads

At least four governors "have pulled out of an agreement... that would bar giving preferences to local businesses or restricting outsourcing." U.S. Trade Representative Robert Zoellick asked the governors "to comply with procurement provisions in pending bilateral and regional trade agreements... to give the U.S.


Lie in a TV Ad, Voters Will Believe You

Adam Clymer, formerly the New York Times Washington correspondent, is now the political director for the National Annenberg Election
. He writes in an editorial column that "Americans like to say they are not influenced by campaign commercials, but then many people plainly
believe the attack ads that President Bush and John Kerry
are hurling at each other. Even people who say they learn nothing from the
advertisements believe the claims made in them, the


Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

The Bush-Cheney campaign's aptly named advertising team, Maverick Media, understands that this year's presidential election is much different than the previous one: "The environment in 2000 was peace and prosperity. Everything was going fine and the question was what to do next.


Covert Recruiting

Army "situ-mercials" will air during the re-broadcast of a popular World War II HBO miniseries. "In one segment of the [Army] program, a modern soldier says, 'Once you put on this uniform, you feel like you are doing something that a lot of people can't do.' The program then shifts to a 'Band of Brothers' scene where one soldier asks another why he wanted to join the paratroopers.



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