Bloggers Shape the Post-Debate Debate

Markos Moulitsas of the Daily Kos weblog has written an insightful article about how bloggers helped turn the perception of first election debate in favor of John Kerry. "Bloggers, thinktanks, the Kerry campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) all worked to fact-check Bush and point out his bizarre behaviour," he writes. "The flow of information flowed two ways, as the party establishment and allied organisations worked hand-in-hand with the blogs to gather ammunition, then blast it out to the world.


The John Kerry Attack Matrix

In some respects, the real presidential debate will take place in cyberspace, reports Wired magazine. "The Bush campaign has launched a massive rapid-response effort called Debate Facts to rebut challenger John Kerry's assertions during the debates," writes Louise Witt. "The campaign will provide a live feed to about 5,000 conservative blogs that subscribe to its news alerts.


PR Threats and Opportunities in Moblogs

"Moblogging - short for 'mobile blogging' - will have a bigger impact on the public relations industry than any other technological change in the past five years," writes Steve Rubel. As weblogs begin to broadcast content from "an intelligent arsenal of millions of connected mobile devices ... suddenly the PR professional is faced with an entirely new set of challenges and opportunities." One of the threats, Rubel warns, is that corporate secrets and intellectual property are bound to leak onto the internet.


PR Takes Blogging Seriously

PR industry writer Paul Holmes has written a lengthy essay arguing that PR people need to take blogging seriously. "The people who read blogs are the opinion leaders and the early adopters," says PR pro Steve Rubel. "They are people who pass on what they learn to other people. And these sites are being read every day by the journalists who cover your industry. It's amazing how many stories start on the Internet and then make it into the mainstream media."


Blog Brand Threat

According to the "PR Machine" blog, "blogging threatens the power of brands and their message control because blogs facilitate open dialogues with customers. ... The exact threat? Meta-sites, blogs, wikis, and the proliferation of RSS and related site syndication technologies, have all rapidly given a voice to people who previously had no way of expressing their opinions. ...


The Blog Is The Message

"Public relations should first understand that to the extent that its art is a form of 'spin' - whether it's reasonable spin, accepted spin, good spin, bad spin, terrible spin - it is selling a service for which there is less and less value, and less mind is paid to it.


Of Foxes and Guerrillas

Robert Greenwald employs "a 'guerrilla' method of documentary filmmaking, creating timely political films on short schedules and small budgets and then promoting and selling them ... through partnerships with grass-roots political organizations like" His latest, "Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism," includes "interviews with former Fox employees, leaked policy memos ...



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