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Bush vs. the Taliban

During part of Friday, Spin of the Day provided a link to a story by Robert Scheer of the Los Angeles Times titled Bush's Faustian Deal with the Taliban. We have discovered, however, that Scheer's story was misleading and inaccurate. His story, written on May 22, 2001, reported that the Bush administration had given $43 million to the Taliban as "an ally in the drug war. ... The gift ... makes the U.S.


New Book "Corrects" Liberal Media Bias--With Conservative Bias

A new book by conservative spinmeisters purports to correct the mainstream media's liberal spin on science news. It Ain't Necessarily So: How Media Make and Unmake the Scientific Picture of Reality, by authors David Murray, Joel Schwartz and S. Robert Lichter, argues that the mainstream media's science coverage is slanted by a liberal agenda.



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