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Steyn Globe-Trots with Oz Government Funding

The Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs Alexander Downer has disclosed that the Australian government contributed $A12,023 ($US9,150) towards the costs of a five-day speaking tour by the conservative Canadian commentator Mark Steyn.


Moving Foreign Investment Forward: A Strange PR Pick for Iraqi Kurdistan

Some weeks are slow on Move America Forward's email list. Others are bustling. September 15 to 21, 2006, was an example of the latter. Six emails were sent, including two from "The Other Iraq," at the address "KDC@RMRWest.Net."

The Other Iraq logoThe emails are noteworthy because they illustrate synergy between two clients of the Republican-associated Sacramento public relations firm Russo Marsh & Rogers (RM&R): Move America Forward, a conservative cheerleader for the Bush administration's "war on terror," and the Kurdistan Development Corporation, an "investment holding and tradings company" formed in partnership with the Kurdistan Regional Government of northern Iraq (and presumably the KDC of the above email address).

The first of the "other Iraq" emails began, "We wanted to send you this short note to let you know that a delegation from Iraqi Kurdistan is back in the United States - continuing our campaign to tell the American public about 'The Other Iraq.'"

Wal-Mart Sends in the Tanks

"As Wal-Mart Stores struggles to rebut criticism from unions and Democratic leaders, the company has discovered a reliable ally," report Michael Barbaro and Stephanie Strom: "prominent conservative research groups like the American Enterprise Institute, the Heritage Foundation and the


Troops, Hoops and Antichoice Brutes

USA Basketball is in a slump, suffering more losses in 2004 "than the team had in its entire Olympic history." To inspire the players, managing director Jerry Colangelo and coach Mike Krzyzewski turned to U.S. "soldiers maimed and crippled by the war in Iraq," arranging a televised meeting between the veterans and the athletes. Using soldiers wounded in "a deeply unpopular war from which, according to a recent Zogby poll, 72 percent of troops want to escape ...


Labor Department Official Does Punditry On the Side

"'Conservative commentator' is not an appropriate label, by itself, for someone in her position, even if she is not speaking on government time or is speaking for herself and not the department," PBS ombudsman Michael Getler wrote of Deputy Assistant Secretary of Labor Karen Czarnecki.



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