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The "Center for Union Facts" Is Rick Berman's Newest Fiction

On February 13, full-page advertisements in the New York Times, the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal, along with a media stunt involving a dinosaur, announced a new union-bashing front group called Center for Union Facts.


Freeport Fronts Its Way into Activists' Emails

The New York Times reports that the Louisiana-based mining company Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold worked closely with Indonesian military intelligence officers to monitor the email and phone calls of environmental activists concerned about the impacts of the company's Grasberg mine in Indonesia's Papua province.


Swiftvets Ponder Their Next Mission

Chris LaCivita, formerly a paid political consultant for the anti-Kerry 527 group Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, said the group "is pondering its next step" but "will remain a potent force." LaCavita told The Hill that "one possibility is that the Swiftvets will become a full-time


Telling the Media to MoveOn

U.S. media "gives inordinate attention to fly-by-night groups with little evidence of real support. Why? Because these groups' sensational claims make for entertaining and easily produced news stories. The result is that a Swift Boats Veterans for Truth has greater impact on the national debate than long-established activist organizations," writes the Center for Media and Democracy's Diane Farsetta.


Who's Driving the SUV Owners of America?

"It's hard to believe that there isn't an attempt to deceive here," writes PR commentator Paul Holmes, considering the industry group SUV Owners of America's self-description, on its website, as "a nonprofit consumer organization dedicated to supporting the rights and serving the interests of SUV owners," providing a "voice and advocate for SUV owners." But Holmes notes that "its board of directors consists largely of industry reps and



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