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Rep. Bob Ney (R-Ohio) Resigns from Congress

Rep. Bob Ney (R-Ohio) resigned from Congress on Friday, effective immediately. Ney had pleaded guilty to corruption charges on October 13 but had remained in office, much to the chagrin of House Republicans and his anointed successor, Republican nominee Joy Padgett. One remaining question: will Ney actually pick up his last $13,000 paycheck, which hanging on past the first of this month enabled him to do?

Fifteen Current Members of Congress Now Under Investigation

The investigations just keep on coming. Since our last update on members of Congress under investigation, a mere week ago, four new members have been added to Congresspedia’s page of (potential) shame. With these additions, fifteen current and three former members of Congress are currently the subject of a federal, state or local probe (nearly 3% of the Congress)!

Citizens Needed

We need some of the citizens out there who are reading Congresspedia everyday to help out with a new article we're putting together on the congressional votes related to the Iraq War. We've already identified many of the votes and put up links to various articles and resources that explain them, but we need citizens to help us out with summarizing what was in the amendments and bills that were considered and explaining what was at stake.


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